UCI BMX World Championships

UCI BMX World Championships are the world championships for BMX racing held under the regulations of the Union Cycliste Internationale, the sport’s international governing body. The UCI BMX World Championships are held annually and the winner of each event is crowned the BMX Cycling World Champion.

BMX world rankings

The new rules implemented in May 2014 are less restrictive than those that, since 1st October 2000, had governed the technical specifications of bikes authorized to tackle the UCI Hour Record.

Since the modernization and simplification of the rules, the UCI Hour Record has become a very attractive challenge within the pro-cycling community and a very popular event for the fans and spectators.

Individual Ranking

In the individual ranking, the leader is Justin Dowell with 4420 points. 2nd rank LOUPOS Brandon 4090 points, 3rd rank WALLWORK Jake 3820 points.

Nation Ranking

In the Nation Ranking, the Leader is AUSTRALIA with 7910 points. 2nd rank owned by the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 7330 points, 3rd rank RUSSIAN FEDERATION 5490 points.

Nation Ranking

Leader UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 7840 points, 2nd rank AUSTRALIA 7770 points, 3rd rank RUSSIAN FEDERATION 6230 points.


– Rankings

UCI BMX Flatland World Cup 2019 – Men after Round 2

UCI BMX Flatland World Cup 2019 – Women after Round 2

UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup 2019 – Men after Round 2

UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup 2019 – Women after round 2

UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup – Final 2018 Ranking, Women

UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup – Final 2018 Ranking, Men

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UCI BMX Freestyle Flatland World Cup – Final 2018 Ranking, Woman

UCI BMX Freestyle Flatland World Cup – Final 2018 Ranking, Men 

2020 UCI World BMX Championships Challenge Classes in Houston

Houston, home of next year’s Super Bowl and World Corporate Games, recently won the bid to host Union Cycliste Internationale’s 2020 BMX World Championships. The event rolls into town May 26-31 at North Houston Bike Park, a 20-acre facility set to debut in fall 2017.

“North Houston Bike Park is going to be revolutionary in action sports,” predicts Bernard Anderson, CEO of USA BMX.

The venue is part of a 30-acre extreme sports complex including a world-class BMX racetrack, concrete vert features, a street course, pump tracks, a tot track, bike trails, and an outdoor events center. It will be able to accommodate more than 3,500 attendees.

2020 UCI BMX Challenge

Athletes who want to compete in a Challenge class at the 2020 UCI BMX Challenge World Championships must
apply in order to be considered eligible. Applications are to be completed online in full by the designated
deadline, using the form available on the Cycling Canada website during the application period.
1. Selection is open to any athlete possessing a Canadian passport at the time of nomination.
2. Participating athletes must have an international UCI racing license showing the nationality as “Canadian”.
3. Participating athletes will be responsible to arrange and incur all costs to attend the event including (but
not limited to) transportation, insurance, accommodations, and competition support. All minors must have
a parent or guardian present at the competition.
4. Selected athletes will be required to complete the CCES online education modules, and submit a copy of
their travel medical insurance and UCI license by the required deadline.
Start Position Quota
Canada is allotted 16 start positions for each class (example: up to 16 athletes from Canada can race in the 12
male’s class) plus any athlete who finishes the top 8 in the 2019 UCI Challenge World Championships.

What is the BMX World Championship?

It is a bike racing competition that is vigorously held under the governance of the Union Cyclist Internationale (UCI). UCI is the international regulating body for sports. The bike racing competition is actively held every year and the conquering hero of this event is honored with a BMX Cycling World Champion. The cycling festival is being held for three days. A colorful t-shirt and a gold medal are awarded to the winner. Contestants who are coming in second and third are awarded silver and bronze medals.

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Which are the countries that participate in this cycle racing competition?

Around fifty-six countries are actively participating in BMX every year. The names include United States, France, United Kingdom, Brazil, Australia, Netherlands, Germany, Canada, New Zealand, Spain, Colombia, Russian Federation, Switzerland, Denmark, Belgium, Latvia, Japan, Norway, and the list continues. If you want your team whom you are supporting to win you must watch 2019 Zolder BMX live tv on bmxworldbelgium website.

How are the tracks designed for Zolder BMX 2019?

2019 Zolder BMX Live lets you see the design of the tracks where the actual competition is going to take place. The competition starts with the two beginning hills. A competitor is bound to face a confronting line at an altitude of five meters. The proline starts at eight meters. The total length of the track is 390 meters which covers both the beginning line and the end line. Whereas the width of the tracks is 10.5 meters. The breadth of the tracks actually begins to widen after the beginning of the hills and the challenge lines. The width nears to seven meters when it comes to the second and the third bend. The breadth of the finishing line is seven meters.

Famous BMX Riders of all time

Riding bicycles for long hours, performing stunts, showing moves and skills while riding, effortlessly depicting the cycling flamboyance to getting on top of mountains at deadly terrains, it is not a piece of cake to eat. With sheer dedication and hard work, there have been many cyclists and riders who have shown their metal in the BMX world. From championships, gold meds to winning it for the nation, they have caught the world’s attention. And, here is the list of best BMX riders of all time who have done that: 8 Best famous BMX Riders of all time


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