Claire Abbott

Who is ?

Claire Abbott was born on the 22nd of January 1998, in Ontario, Canada, so she is currently aged 20. She is a social media personality, who is probably best recognized for being one of the most influential personalities on the Instagram application. She is also known as a model and singer, who has posted various covers of famous songs on her YouTube channel and released the single “Fighter”, featuring Phlex.

What happened to her? Where’s she now?

Considered as one of the most popular Instagram models, Claire achieved enormous fame due to the clever use of social media sites. However, since the beginning of 2017, she has not been active, as she suddenly disappeared from the social media scene, leaving her fans and followers surprised and confused. Nonetheless, after her statement that she is focusing on her music career, we hope that she will be back soon with new projects.

Early Life

Speaking about her early life, Claire spent her childhood in Ontario, where she was raised alongside her brother by her parents. Other information regarding her family, siblings and education has not been revealed to the public yet. It is only known that while in high school, Claire was involved in various sports activities as a cheerleader.

Career Beginnings

Talking about her career, Claire’s appearance and great body shape have helped her rise the ladder of success quite quickly, as she first posted a photo in a bikini on her Facebook page when she was only 15 years old which went viral and attracted a huge number of admirers across the internet, encouraging her to start pursuing a career as a social media personality via modeling and posting more photos. Subsequently, she decided to expand that across other popular social media sites, including her official Twitter and Instagram accounts, which made her a social media sensation almost overnight. Thanks to her beauty and aptitude, it didn’t take long to reach more than 300,000 followers on Instagram, and nearly 30,000 fans on Facebook, adding a considerable amount to her net worth.

YouTube Channel

Claire soon took a step further and decided to extend her popularity by sharing her talent for music as a singer and songwriter. So she launched her official self-titled YouTube channel in January 2012 and posted her version of the song “Turning Tables” by Adele, which reached more than 300,000 views and enormously increased her popularity. She continued to post her covers of famous songs, such as the hit song “Back To Black” by the late Amy Winehouse and gained more than 16,000 subscribers due to her unique way of performing, which also increased her net worth by a large margin. Moreover, in 2014 she released her debut single, entitled “Fighter” and featuring Phlex.

Fashion Tips

In addition to her career as an Instagram model, Claire also became interested in fashion. Although she was one of the most popular social media personalities at the time, she showed that she enjoys sharing various fashion tips with fans, and interacting with them as well, reflecting her causal and down-to-earth attitude. In many photos, she hasn’t tried to leave the impression of a sexy girl, but instead to show her version of the “girl-next-door” style.

Mental Issues

At the peak of her fame, Claire shared a photo from the hospital and revealed to her fans that she has serious mental issues, as she suffers from an anxiety disorder, severe depression and borderline bipolar disorder, which was quite shocking for her fans. She stated that she has been trying to deal with these issues for year,s and then used her popularity to raise awareness about the diseases, which was very well accepted by her longtime fans and followers. However, no one suspected that she would soon disappear from the social media scene.

The disappearance and the Reason

As mentioned, Claire suddenly disappeared without any explanation at the very beginning of 2017. Her highly popular accounts had been deactivated, and all videos on her official YouTube channel are currently private. She later said that the main reason was to focus on her career in the music industry and to start all over again, as her original goal was to be a singer and songwriter, not a model.

Claire Abbott Net Worth

Her career started in 2012 and she was an active member of the entertainment industry, primarily known as a social media personality, until 2017, when she unexpectedly vanished. Anyway, if you ever wondered how rich Claire Abbott is, it has been estimated from authoritative sources that the total size of her net worth is over $1 million, accumulated through her successful career.

Appearance and Vital Statistics

Speaking about her appearance, Claire is apparently a beautiful young lady with a very attractive body. She is recognizable by having long blonde hair and green colored eyes. She is 5ft 5ins (1.65m) tall and her weight is reputed to be around 134lbs (61kgs), while her vital statistics are 39-25-37.

Personal Life

During her social media presence, Claire was quite secretive regarding her personal life. However, in 2015 she posted a photo with Dan Bilzerian, who is also recognized as a social media star, after which rumors that they briefly dated began, but neither of them has confirmed it. Other information about her personal life is unavailable to the media.

A Talent for Music and Some Personal Struggles

Claire’s obvious talent for music became clear when she posted videos of herself singing. In “Skinny Love”, Abbott can be seen casually strumming a ukulele and belting out a tune. In the video, her voice is both strong and wistful, reminiscent of a young Jewel or Sarah McLachlan. Her single “Fighter”, featuring Phlex, was also very popular with fans.

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However, even with all of her gifts and good fortune, it has been reported that Claire Abbott also revealed she suffered from some mental health issues. With anxiety, severe depression and a bipolar diagnosis, Claire’s numerous problems would have posed a significant threat to anyone, let alone a celebrity. As we’ve seen so many times in the past, an astounding amount of success in a very short period of time can really do a number on people.

For someone who was already struggling with debilitating mental health issues, it’s not hard to imagine that all of the extra attention must have thrown Claire for a loop. After all, she had never really sought out fame; it just arrived on her doorstep.

Claire’s Followers Explode in Numbers

While others often struggle to rack up followers, Claire was able to dominate every social media platform she used. It is estimated that her Facebook followers numbered around 30,000, while she boasted about 300,000 followers on Instagram.

When she started doing covers on her YouTube channel, her popularity on that platform surged as well. It seemed that Claire truly had the golden touch when it came to social media, impressing her fans and followers every time she posted anything. While other “infamous” people tend to change their personal style once they gain access to followers—and money—Claire did not. She remained refreshingly down-to-earth and fun, a girl next door with great talent.

Questionable Acquaintances

In 2015, photos emerged of Abbott and other internet personalities—Dan Bilzerian. Bilzerian’s Instagram had exploded for different reasons than Claire’s had. Out of nowhere, the now 38-year-old seemed to have taken over social media as a new Hugh Hefner type. Although he claimed to have been self-sufficient at first, it eventually came out that Bilzerian’s father had set him up with a trust fund.

With this money, Bilzerian travels the world and has his picture taken with multiple women. His issues with drugs led him to two heart attacks before he even hit his early 30s. When Claire’s followers saw her photographed with Bilzerian, many became concerned about the young social media star and budding musician.

The Turn That No One Saw Coming

In early 2017, Claire’s followers were shocked to find that her accounts had suddenly gone dark. Without a peep, the internet celebrity had disappeared. After fans started panicking about what had happened to their favorite Instagram starlet, a brief statement was released. Abbott expressed that she had never held a desire to be a model and that, from now on, she would be focusing solely on her music career.

Of course, this didn’t do much to stop the rumor mill, with many believing that the young woman had passed away. This theory, however, seems highly unlikely. It is easy to locate death records and, by now, surely someone would have come forward if something had happened to Claire. At this point, the theory that makes the most sense is the one that Abbot prefers to be left alone for the time being.

She wants to meet the world on her own terms and not have to deal with some of the creepy disadvantages of being “instafamous”.

The Aftermath

Although people will inevitably speculate about Claire’s whereabouts until she returns to public life in some fashion, her old photos and videos still circulate on the internet. In fact, some scammers have even used Abbott’s old pictures to catfish unsuspecting marks on dating websites. Many of them do not even realize what has happened until after they send money off to far-flung countries.

Meanwhile, we can assume that the real Claire Abbott is somewhere in Canada, enjoying her life and working on her music. Indeed, if she were to make a comeback, it seems as if she would set the internet ablaze. In the midst of her absence, she’s only made her fans and followers miss her even more. While she used to post photos and videos regularly, there is now avoid.

These days, with so many people forging their connections through social media, a lot of Instagram users believe that they share a kinship with the people they follow. And since social media starlets like Claire allow fans into their lives, it’s not hard to see how they could become attached. If she is setting the stage for a triumphant return, she will have a built-in fanbase.

Instagram’s Model Claire Abbott Got Famous

You only require one impression, image, and impersonation to get famous on the Internet, especially on social media. And that’s exactly why we’re here to hearsay about, especially when it comes to a dozen or two folks get caught up in instant fame, particularly on Instagram. We know to this day, that a layman snap is essentially getting all the attention amid Instagram’s bizarre eccentricity on simple clicks, random moments, abstract arts, and even on obstinately undeveloped images reinvented by panoramic Instagram editing.

Today we’ll discuss how the mystery girl from Canada reached fame even without having any celeb sources, hard work during the model photoshoot, affiliations with any brand/fashion company or house respectively. Let’s be straightforward here guys and girls, she’s a simple Insta-clicker who has reached thousands of online subscribers and followers on her social media channels. On a major count prologue, she’s way better on Instagram and others come as her second-best SM spots to be at.

Here are some of the best possible reasons we think that has shaped her styles into a pure signature lifestyle followed by thousands if not millions:

The Biggest Reason

Just at the age of 15, the mystery girl undertook such a life-shifting experience like never before. You might be thinking about how she managed to pull back a huge audience behind her social media accounts. She simply became an internet sensation by posting relatable everyday life photos on her social media accounts, first on the basic Facebook and later on the photo-sharing Instagram platform. Especially, Claire to the F3 formula quite seriously when it came to sharing her snaps online – Fitness, food, and fashion. Consequently, she got recognized on the mainstream social media accounts and gained a huge fan-following while posting what she did in normal life rather than going for those thoughtful artworks and edited epic masterpieces.

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Future Rising Career

When Claire Abbott wasn’t that famous at all. All she had were a few social media accounts like you and I have these days. However, her accounts were managed to magnetize a lot of users of that specific platform, gaining positive comments and feedback from folks she never met in her life.

A fan of hers wrote once, “Fame is undeniably present in your future.” They really did have no idea just how about spot-on they were. Claire’s stereotypical girl next door look, positive vibes, and passionate musical talent is what made give her the perfect mixture to rise towards an online career full of perceptible success. You can also check her account comments online and ask yourself what’s so special about her account. The bitter truth is that she posted her snaps with the rights gestures, gimmicks, and on the exact time as per the “future rising star” requirement.

At first, Claire Abbott mainly focused on her YouTube and Facebook accounts, but when she set her sights on Instagram almost exclusively, the follower count skyrocketed. Claire quickly reached over 300,000 followers on Instagram and about 20,000 on Facebook. Moreover, she noticed a trend, most of her followers were interested in her bikini and fitness posts rather than just generic ones. She now had an audience she could cater to if she chose. And choose she did.

Getting Viral Popularity Online

Some of us might feel she might be a good friend to someone already famous on the photo-sharing Instagram platform. The first few names that come into our minds include Selena Gomez, Beyoncé, Ariana Grande, Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift, Angelina Julie, or some other “superhero film girl” getting all the snap souvenirs these days after Avengers End Game snap, Right?! But the story of @Claire Abbott was totally the opposite of such orthodox speculation we could grind down our throats.

Claire was quite overwhelmed when she was receiving so much attention and care from her friends and followers in general. She was shocked when she rose in the number of followers on her Instagram account, and that also went parallel-popular with her Facebook account as well. She soon reached the 300K mark on Instagram with followers’ upsurge growing on every day, and Facebook was not that much of a big deal to her since it only had halfway between 20k to 25k likes on her FB page.

Fake “Fanbase” Accounts made her Famous

Undeniably, when there’s someone getting all the dessert and spaghetti off the table, then there are trolls ready to ignite the table sheet without further due. Claire Abbott was bullied and retaliated for posting too much obscenity images of herself on social media, and folks were all at the rage that she was getting off hands her so-called fame. In the meantime, Claire became used to all the ill-prompted remarks according to her, and soon settled her own accord and totally her choice which she had chosen sensibly. Moreover, not only negative comments tried to push her back, but also, a few fake accounts of the same name posting the exact same posts as hers was one of the reasons for her spur-of-the-moment Instagram fame.

A Simple easy-going House Girl

One of the biggest reasons for her wide-reaching fame was just that mere ‘Be Yourself’ moto she applied to her life as well as to her snapshots. Claire never reached her hands on for that makeup foundation cake, shying fuchsia blush on glides, nose abridging run-ins, and other facelift contours. She was simply herself having them ‘Girl Next Door’ motif in every of her posts people could relate too. According to Claire, everyone one of us should be authentic to the way we live our normal lives and soon enjoy our priceless moments online on the biggest photo-sharing platform.

The Lucky Coin was Tossing Heads

Her poor normal days were modified with prime days when her popularity just continued to grow non-stop. She cited: “I started sharing pictures of myself on Instagram a couple of years ago and it’s transformed from a hobby into a really exciting part-time job that has opened up a ton of great opportunities for me!” Claire could’ve never imagined that some of her simple snaps could have gained her such acknowledgment. She considers herself too lucky to be the part of the elite on Instagram that rose to fame without doing deep digs and brick loads of work to gain that online celebrity status.

Distinctive Fashion Sense

The best part I’ve put in the last, and that’s Claire Abbott fashion sense. She has some great knacks when it comes to a genuine ladies’ dress devotion. Since she’s always on the ground with what suits her taste and never takes a U-turn from her since she’s been posting her fitness posts with a nice-looking façade + garment gesticulations. She has clarified that’s it isn’t necessary that you wear a well-tailored suit or jeans or any famous brand. If it fits you well and appropriately, you’re much better on with it. As she states:

“The fit of clothing is so important! Whether you’re wearing a tailored suit or jeans, if it fits well, it will look expensive and stylish. Have all your measurements taken accurately and remember that different brands fit differently, so you may need to go up or down a size depending on the brand. Also, don’t be afraid to try new trends and styles, and no matter what clothing you’re wearing, rock it with confidence.” Duly noted, Claire Abbott!


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