8 Best famous BMX Riders of all time

Riding bicycles for long hours, performing stunts, showing moves and skills while riding, effortlessly depicting the cycling flamboyance to getting on top of mountains at deadly terrains, it is not a piece of cake to eat. With sheer dedication and hard work, there have been many cyclists and riders who have shown their metal in the BMX world. From championships, gold medals to winning it for the nation, they have caught the world’s attention. And, here is the list of best of all time who have done that:

  1. Mat Hoffman
Mat Hoffman, the X-games stunt bicyclist, sits on a bicycle on a ramp inside his north Oklahoma City warehouse. Staff photo by Jim Beckel.

There is no one in the world or has ever born who can even match the aura of legendary BMX rider of all time, Mat Hoffman. Comparing someone with Hoffman is just like comparing any player of the cricketer to Sachin Tendulkar, any footballer to Pele, and any basketballer to Michael Jordan. Hoffman is a 10-time World Vert Champion and six-time X Games Medalist. Also, this legend has invented more than100 tricks, the first man to land a 900, and a no-handed 900 too. His name is present in the Guinness Book of World Records for achieving the highest air on a BMX bike over a 24-foot quarter pipe. In 2002, Hoffman was awarded ESPN’s Action Sports Lifetime Achievement Award. You can book event tickets online using Bookmyshow coupons with discounted offers.

  1. Ryan Nyquist

Also known as the robot in the field of BMX riding, Ryan Nyquist is one of the best famous BMX riders- talking about all-time here. This American rider has won 16 X-Games medals, 39 X-Games competition starts and 60 Dew Tour finals appearances, which is most by one rider in all-time. Last year only, he grabbed second place in Wipperfürt BMX Contest and a first-place tie with Pat “the cat” Skate Cary Competition.

  1. Tinker Juarez
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What should we call him? A true OG! Born in 1961, Tinker was one of the earliest members who join the Freestyle BMX scene. He was named as the first King of the Skateparks by Bicycle Motocross Action magazine in 1980. Known for BMX: Off-Road and MTB: Cross-country, Tinker Juarez is a Pan Am Games Gold Medalist of 1995 and 24-hour endurance category National Champion of 2001,’02,’03, and ’04.

  1. Dakota Roche

Dakota Roche is one of the biggest freestylers in the BMX world. Although he is more inclined towards filming BMX ridings and it is the biggest reason why he has come BMX films out in the world beautifully. Also, Dakota was nominated as Transworld Ride BMX’s Number One Street Rider every year between 2009 and 2013.  Still, he is rocking in the BMX riding scene.

  1. Dennis McCoy

Dennis McCoy is one of the most famous BMX riders in the world- I am talking about all-time famous riders here. McCoy is the only rider who claimed Vert, Park, and Flatland title in the same year. Also, Dennis McCoy became the American Freestyle Association member along with legends like Mat Hoffman and Dave Mirra. This pioneer of BMX riding family last won his medal in BMX Vert- won Bronze medal representing the United States of America.

  1. Mark Webb

Mark Webb is still one of the best and famous BMX riders and one of the most influential in today’s world too. This man has through many ups and downs including some serious injuries. From winning International X Games to the Mini discipline at the BMX Masters in Cologne, Germany in 2008, Mark Webb is an astounding rider who has made many jaw drops with his stunning moves and skills.

  1. John Tomac
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In the world of BMX riders and racers, John Tomac holds a seriously high place. Started his career in 1975 professionally, this teenager at that time raced against Michigan BMX legends Tony Carnes, Mike Chapman, and Tim Root.  At the age of sixteen only, this guy from the USA won the National Cruiser Class title with the factory Mongoose team. He was also inducted into the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame in 1991 and has won major national and international titles in four disciplines, BMX, MTB, Road, and Tracks. You can apply for Background Artist Jobs.

  1. Garrett Reynolds
Garrett Reynolds – taking in all that the San Fransisco Bay has to offer

Garret Reynolds is known for his sickening skills and BMX riding. Started at the age of 12, Garret competed for his way to the top and won a tour at the Taz Tour when he turned 13. This BMX rider was internationally acclaimed at a very early age with Dew Tour and X Games title. He made all the skillset looks so damn easy and effortless. He has grabbed nine golds in X Games- Street and one silver medal too. He replaced Van Homan from the topmost spot with 900’s and 720’s down 20 stairs and crazy up rail combos.

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