Felipe Gabriel

was born in Brazil and is living and studying in Latvia for the third year. He has become known in Latvian society both in life and on social networks Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube joined 7 Nov 2012. Felipe constantly entertains his followers with fascinating pictures and videos.

Felipe’s career

Felipe is a footballer, participates in tournaments in Latvia and teaches football to children. Along with training, he enjoys music. Some of the songs have become recognizable, like “Come with us.”

Felipe Gabriel Language skills and studies

Speaks English fluently, also know Russian, Latvian, and some Lithuanian.

Currently studying tourism at university and convinced that in the future, all language skills will be useful for working in this field. Alongside these languages, he starts learning French and Latgalian as well. The boy believes that the profound enrichment of language skills opens up many new opportunities for the future.

A short while ago, Gabriel had an interview with Select magazine.


Felipe Gabriel’s mother is Portuguese.


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