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Instagram influencer, youtube vlogger, multiple business owner, and former Oxford university student Grace Beverley, is a force to be reckoned with in the world of fitness. Just two years ago, she shot to social media fame after releasing her hugely successful Grace Fit Guide. Influencers like Grace work closely with lifestyle brands to advertise a range of products – and the market is growing.

At twenty-two, Grace is named as one of the ‘top 20 most exciting entrepreneurs to watch’ for 2019, by the Great British Entrepreneur Awards, and now – this self-starter has launched an activewear brand like no other on the market, TALA.

With over 1m fans, the privately-educated student hopes her Instagram account, GraceBeverley, will become her full-time career in the near future. She has more than 1,421 posts.

Her social media journey started during her A-levels when she began giving updates on the progress of her fitness regime.

Boasting over 570k YouTube subscribers and 1 million followers on Instagram, she’s made an effort to be transparent about her job online, shares exercise and diet tips

Previously, she’s fielded questions from her followers about how she started her business alongside attending university, how long she expects to be in the industry for and the truths and myths surrounding the money influencers generate.

Grace Website

Moreover, Grace has a website ( where she sells her own designed products including vegan collections of clothes and shoes on an international scale with worldwide shipping. She also presents packs of guidance for her fans in order to help them train in the most effective way and have exclusive access to her social media group. For example, one of her $38 packs includes printed grace fit home guide, a plan of workouts for a few weeks which can be practiced at home, videos of different exercises, AFLETE App access for tracking and video, and finally access to the Facebook group.

One of the most significant characteristics of the curvy fitness trainer is that she is always brave enough to upload photos and writes about her body’s flaws, as on March 26, 2019, Grace uploaded a photo of herself in jeans and captions that “these jeans fit e before Christmas and now they do not get past my knees baby Jesus did me real dirty.” Although the whole post was intended to be an ad, she was yet courageous to admit that she is not in her best shape after her happy holiday. Also, the day before, she had posted that she started going to the gym again after two and a half weeks of rest, a rather long time for a fitness aficionado.

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Grace’s Gymnastics Story

Grace Beverley was born and raised in central London. She grew up in an extremely disciplined environment, practicing gymnastics for over 16 hours per week.

While this helped Grace stay healthy and fit physically, it also made her suffer emotionally. Mainly because she didn’t have time to be with her friends.

In Grace’s words; “I was so fed up with training 16 hours a week and monitoring everything, making sure I was perfect in every situation. Being so dedicated to a sport is quite antisocial.”

However, at the age of 13, Grace was involved in a car accident; putting an end to her competitive gymnastics career. It was both a shock and a relief for Grace at the time, as she didn’t know whether to be happy or sad that her grueling gymnastics days were over.

Unhealthy Habits

Between the age of 13-16, Grace didn’t do any sports. She finally wanted to see what it felt like to have no obligations or competitive events coming up.

However, Grace took her new lifestyle to the extreme – without any physical activity, she started looking and feeling worse and worse. She also developed an unhealthy diet, eating pizzas, burgers, and sweets on regular occasions.

It came to a point where Grace began looking for quick fixes to get back in shape. Such as trying “fad” diets and supplements which only offered false promises.

“I needed a quick fix so completely bought into all the stuff online, all the teatoxes, ketone pills, all the fad diets. I’d skip dinner if there was a party coming up on the weekend. It was all so unhealthy and unnecessary. That was never going to work long term.”

Becoming Famous

Grace was amazed by the progress she saw from working out. However, she wanted to take it a step further and document her entire journey online; using pictures and videos of her meals and training as her ‘training journal.’

Unknowingly, Grace started a whole new chapter in her life by doing so. Other fitness enthusiasts started commenting on her progress pictures, giving her words of support.

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Over time, more and more people visited Grace’s social media pages. To the point that she became a minor celebrity in London.

By 2017, Grace’s recognition grew exponentially – she became a fitness star admired by people world over.

Training Heavy for Growth

Grace is known for her toned legs and glutes, which she says are a result of years of trying different exercises and training methods.

From Grace’s experience, her legs, glutes, or any body part for that matter. She grew the most when she trained with heavy weights and lots of volumes.

For that reason, Grace advises everyone not to be afraid to lift heavy. She believes that’s the key to achieving a toned and fit look for women.

Here’s Grace talking about lifting heavyweights:

“People, especially girls, think by picking up big weights they’re going to get bulky. If you can get bulky that easily then congratulations because people spend their whole lives trying to build muscle. It’s so hard. With girls, you don’t even have enough testosterone to do it that quickly.” – Grace Beverley

World of sustainable activewear

“Hey! Thanks for having me. So I guess it all started because I’ve had to work with activewear brands due to my job in the past, and quite a big part of my job is reviewing them in the fitness space. A lot of stuff was coming out about fast fashion and how bad it was, and I think people had two reactions. They wanted to keep buying amazing clothes at good prices, but they also wanted to be able to help the planet. So I started looking at sustainable brands, and as amazing as they were, most seemed to be marketed towards a particular type of person with a certain income. £100 for a pair of leggings just isn’t possible for a lot of people. It seemed that sustainability was a trendy thing so brands went, ‘we can charge a premium on that’. So I thought, let’s find a middle ground. At TALA, we sell activewear that’s 92% sustainable, but the difference is, it’s affordable. Basically, we don’t want people to have to take out a loan to buy some leggings!”.

Learn from Grace Beverley

  1. Grace Beverley’s story is yet another reminder that you can overcome anything that life puts in your way, as long as you really want it.
  2. Stay dedicated to your quest, whatever it might be. And remember that challenges are a necessary part of life, as, without them, there would be no growth.

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