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LAMB KEBAB | Part 2 - BBQ SUNDAY | Big Has

Part 2 - It’s back to Hasan's Edmonton garden for some outdoor cooking over coal. Fully loaded with tips and recipes that are going to up your game when it comes to cooking outside. Yes it’s not summer anymore, but in this house it's BBQ SUNDAY all year round.
Recipes include a beautifully simple grilled squid with a vibrant and herby dressing, as well as a posh lamb kebab Big Has style, no corners cut. Enjoy x


Hasan Semay or now self titled ‘Big Has’ was one of Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen students doing good things out there in the world of food. Jamie brought him to our attention, shouting about his style on Instagram and how much he respected the rough and ready look Has had adopted.

Big Has mostly cooks outside over hot coals, his approach is all about good ingredients, cooked simply, with a lot of love. Jamie thought it was a good idea to get over and get Has on camera, show us a little bit of his influences and have him tell us all about his tradition BBQ SUNDAY!

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