Justin Dowell

Two years ago, Justin Dowell was good, but he wasn’t great. He was just another kid riding at an above-average level who had never seen a final in a major contest.

Fast forward to July of 2019, Justin is the UCI World Champion, the winner of the last FISE stop, and the number one ranked rider in the United States. Seriously.

Progression is a huge part of BMX and Justin Dowell is a spitting image of what that means. But, it really makes you wonder… what changed?

Justin Dowell is an Olympic medalist in 2019 Pan American Games – Men’s BMX freestyle.

Cycling competitions at the 2019 Pan American Games in Lima, Peru are scheduled to be held at five venues across Lima. The Circuito BMX will host the BMX racing competitions, the Pista de skateboarding will host the freestyle BMX events. Morro Solar will stage the mountain biking competitions, with the Circuito San Miguel staging the road competitions. Finally, the velodrome will stage the track cycling competitions.



The BMX Park Finals went off at FISE Montpellier with some of the top BMX riders in the world on the course. The riding was wild and it was definitely a tough day to be a judge. In the end, Justin Dowell took the win with Irek Rizaev and Logan Martin following in the 2nd and 3rd!

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Justin Dowell

Irek Rizaev – 2nd Place

The Russian rider goes large to find a spot on the #FISEMontpellier podium! take a look:

Logan Martin – 3rd Place

The Australian machine comes in to round off the podium!” have a look :


Justin Dowell interview

Where were you living two years ago?

Two years ago, I was living close to Raleigh, North Carolina so I could train at the Daniel Dhers Action Sports Complex every day. 

Where are you living today?

I am all around the world. I am out of the country the majority of the time. However, when I am home, it’s in Virginia Beach where my family lives. 

What bike were you riding two years ago?

Two years ago, I was riding for Radio Bikes. I really liked their bikes at the time and that’s the set up I preferred. 

What bike are you riding today?

I am riding a Lairdframe with parts from a variety of companies. Over time, I became intrigued with having a bike that no one else has. With a Lairdframe, I can choose my own geometry and it’s also very light. My bike now is over 4lbs lighter than my Radio was two years ago.

What was your diet two years ago?

Two years ago, my diet was absolutely horrible. Haha! I lived in North Carolina by myself, so I just ate out every day. It really affected my riding now that I look back at it. 

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