Mountain Men Rich Lewis

 was born as well as raised in Idaho, USA. He is a television personality and a big cat hunter. He became famous after appearing on the reality TV series “Mountain Men” which airs on History Channel. The show showcases the real-life stories and challenges of people who use old fashioned ways to survive.

Mountain Men Rich Lewis Biography- Age, Wife, Family, Net Worth

In the 21st century where people don’t dream of spending a minute without their technological gadgets as well as their family and loved ones, Rich Lewis is one of the cast members of the show “Mountain Men” who lives in isolated areas with his family far away from the modern society.

The developments of the twenty-first century have made people’s life easier. But, Rich Lewis makes his survival through the help of nature alone. It’s like he has been living in a pre-historic era. He uses old fashioned ways to survive. Tracking mountain lions is one of his daily routines.

In order to know more about Rich Lewis including his family, personal and early life as well as net worth, read the article until the end.

Rich Lewis Age & Biography

Rich Lewis was born as well as raised in Idaho, USA. He is a television personality and a big cat hunter. He became famous after appearing on the reality TV series “Mountain Men” which airs on History Channel. The show showcases the real-life stories and challenges of people who use old fashioned ways to survive.

He appeared on the show since its second season in the year 2013. He had become interested in mountains, nature as well as hunting from a very small age. He liked living alone or in solitude in a quiet and peaceful environment in nature. Through his hard work, he has become an expert in tracking different kinds of dangerous mountain lions living in the country.

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Before he joined the show “Mountain Men”, he was busy tracking mountain lions. His job was to eliminate different kinds of threats from wild animals in his village. For that, he earned a lot of money. After that, he has been quiet for some time. So, many are wondering what he has been up to.

For Rich, his daily life is full of risks and adventures at every turn. He gets to share those adventures with his family, wife and his friends or Hounds. He likes keeping himself away from the crowd. He goes tracking mountain lions and other heinous beasts.

Sometimes, he also brings his lovely wife dinner with him. That dinner will be mostly elk which he has hunted. He doesn’t mind living in the isolated Ruby valley on Southern Montana. Quite the contrary, he enjoys it.

What happened to Rich Lewis On Mountain Men?

There are many rumors that he has left the show “Mountain Men”. In fact, he has been absent in the show for quite some time. He has been absent from the spotlight also due to which it becomes difficult to know the reason for his absence. He has gotten a lot of success from the show. So, it is a question why has he not made an appearance after the sixth episode?

Controversy: Did Rich Lewis Leave Mountain Men?

The departure of Rich Lewis from the show “Mountain Men” came as shock news to many fans. He has not publicly announced why he decided to leave the show. There are many reasons due to which celebrities decide to leave the show. Some may have ignited a conflict with the directors or producers.

Rich Lewis has net worth of $300 thousand

Some feel too much pressure in continuing further and others decide to pursue different things. Rich also may have felt the need for pursuing different projects besides this. So, he has left the show despite critical acclaims and good ratings on the show. Fans also loved him very much. Let’s hope he finds what he is looking for.

What is Rich Lewis from Mountain Men doing now?

Rich Lewis is happily living an isolated life. He is currently residing in Montana. There, he lives with his wife Diane and has been staying away from society for the past twenty-six years. Regarding his children and other family members, we do not have much information about them.

Rich Lewis, just like other casts from Mountain Men, focuses on natural love and makes his survival getting things from nature. Money is essential to him but not like other people who sell their humanity for money.

Surviving from the help of nature and starring on “Mountain Men”, Rich Lewis has accumulated a net worth of $300k as of 2019.

His net worth started to rise after making appearances in the show “Mountain Men”. The show made him popular. However, only he knows how much his salary is on the show. That information is undisclosed. But, after researching through every source, we have found out that his net worth in 2019 is $300 thousand.

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Social Media Presence

We don’t think that you will see the day when Rich Lewis catches different animals and shares their pictures on Instagram or Facebook. The people who are showcased on the show “Mountain Men” live a traditional way of life mostly without using any form of technology and in the love of nature.

So, we won’t likely see them posting pictures of their hunts or feasts on social media. Rich Lewis also doesn’t have an Instagram, Twitter or Facebook account.

Who is Rich Lewis, mountain men?

“Mountain Men” is another reality TV adventure series that focuses on people who are living extraordinary lives, but not in luxurious ways. The series follows six men in their daily lives, in various remote areas of the USA and. One of those men was Rich Lewis, who came to prominence for his extraordinary skill in hunting mountain lions. Is he still in the show, will he appear in the next season? Well, answers to these questions and more you will find in this article.

Rich Lewis was born in Idaho, USA – his exact birth date and place haven’t been revealed to the media. He came to prominence after becoming featured in the reality TV series “Mountain Men” back in 2013.

So, do you want to find out more about Rich Lewis, from his early life to the most recent career endeavors and his personal life as well? If yes, then stay with us for a while as we are about to bring you closer to this extraordinary TV star.


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