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Top 10 Places To Visit In Belize

Belize is one of my all time favorite countries to visit. I lived there for over a year and I've been back several times. It is a extremely diverse country with its varying landscapes, wildlife and cultures. From the worlds second largest coral reef systems, the Great Blue Hole, to its many ancient ruins, Belize is a country like non other. I hope you enjoy the video and can visit this beautiful country soon!

My blog post about Belize - https://trift.io/belize-guide-ryan-shirley/

Special Thanks to Brady Bigalke for letting me use his footage. He made a incredible video about traveling to Belize. I highly recommend watching it to help plan your Belizean vacation. https://youtu.be/7etvcOj-HPI

Also special thanks to Gus Hutchinson for providing me with some incredible footage of the Great Blue Hole. He made a awesome edit of his dive to the incredible place. https://youtu.be/8e_ruyH8JFA

Also thanks to Brad Coder for letting me use his beautiful footage from San Pedro - https://youtu.be/Fw9COCZvoug

A few places that I left out in the video that you should consider visiting are Caracol Ruin, ATM Caves, Lamanai Ruins, Cave Tubing, Belize's Zoo, Plancencia, and many more!

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If you're interested in what i was doing in Belize as a missionary - https://www.comeuntochrist.org/

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