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How much money is ’s net worth?

What is Tommy Lee’s net worth? Lee’s net worth is estimated to be $70 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. His success with Motley Crue makes up the majority of Lee’s wealth. Lee made his millions on album sales, live performances, and royalties.


Tommy Lee, fondly called ‘T-bone’ for his tall and athletic physique, became famous as the drummer of the heavy metal band, ‘Mötley Crüe.’


Yes, Tommy Lee has 2 kids. Brandon Thomas Lee and Dylan Jagger Lee

Who was Tommy Lee’s first wife?

Tommy Lee’s first wife was Elaine Starchuk. They were together for only one the year 1984 – 1985. Tommy Lee’s former partner Elaine Starchuk was born on 7th April of 1964 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The 55-year old gorgeous lady Starchuk is a former model and dancer. She is famous for being the model for several model agencies such as Playboy, Penthouse Magazine, Miss Nude BC, and many more. It is reported that she follows Christianity.

Tommy Girlfriend / Spouse

  1. Chase Alden – Tommy Lee was reported to be have had a fling with the American model Chase Alden in the past.
  2. Kacey Jordan – Tommy had a fling with adult movie star Kacey Jordan. She even went on to confirm their fling in her appearance on the talk show with Howard Stern. However, she was shocked when it was brought up as it was a secret affair.
  3. Kendra Jade – According to reports, Lee dated the American model Kendra Jade for a brief time. Their relationship came to an end after he decided to get back with Pamela Anderson.
  4. Dee Dee Keel – Tommy hooked up with former groupie Dee Dee Keel during his wild days.
  5. Pamela Manning – In her interviews, Pamela Manning claimed that she dated Lee before he found fame as the drummer of the iconic heavy metal band. They had met at the Limelight bar in New York City. He came up to her and offered to buy a drink after introducing himself. After that, they dated for a short while.
  6. Lydia Louisa – Lee had a fling with English dancer Lydia Louisa, which was hinted by her during her appearance on the reality show, Celebrity Big Boss.
  7. Vicky Frontiere – Tommy went out with Vicky Frontiere, who was reported to be a Los Angeles Rams cheerleader when they started going out in his late teens. Vicky was the one who told him that Suite 19 was looking for a drummer.
  8. Roxana Shirazi – The Iranian Roxana Shirazi talked about her sexual encounters with the iconic drummer in her autobiography, The Last Living Sl*t.
  9. Lisa (1980-1982) – According to reports, Tommy Lee started going out with a woman named Lisa in 1980. After dating for about two years, they decided to head in separate directions by the start of 1982.
  10. Laura Livingston (1981) – Lee was reported to be dating Laura Livingston in the early months of 1981. Their relationship coincided with the early days of his music band, Mötley Crüe.
  11. Elaine Starchuk (1982-1985) – According to American tabloids, Lee started dating model Elaine Starchuk in the early months of 1982. They took their relationship to the next level in November 1983 by getting married. However, their relationship didn’t last for a significant period of time as they got divorced in 1985.
  12. Tawny Kitaen (1985) – Tommy Lee was in a relationship with actress and television personality Tawny Kitaen in the summer of 1985. In her later interviews, she owned to having used drugs during their time together along with doing some wild things such as throwing knives, which left 5000 marks on the wall after one such evening.
  13. Heather Locklear (1985-1993) – Tommy started going out with actress Heather Locklear in July 1985. They were reported to have met backstage at the REO Speedwagon show after being introduced by Chuck Shapiro, who was Mötley’s accountant. They got engaged in December 1985 after he proposed to her while traveling on the Ventura Freeway in a limousine. They had stuck their heads out of the car’s moonroof. In May 1986, they got married in a lavish ceremony held in Santa Barbara, which was attended by some 500 guests. However, their 7 years old marriage came to an end in August 1993 after she filed for the dissolution of their marriage in the Los Angeles Supreme Court. She cited irreconcilable differences in her petition.
  14. Cher (1988) – Tommy was reported to have had a romantic interest in singer and activist, Cher in the early months of 1988. They were pictured making out in a nightclub in Los Angeles.
  15. Jessica Hahn (1988) – Lee went out with actress Jessica Hahn in 1988. However, their alleged extra-marital affair was fairly short-lived.
  16. Jamie Ellen (1988) – Tommy Lee met model Jamie Ellen backstage at the Motley Crue concert in 1988. They started secretly going out shortly after. His then-wife Heather Locklear was reported to be shocked when she learned about their affair.
  17. Debi Diamond (1993) – According to a variety of gossip tabloids, Lee had a fling with adult movie actor, Debi Diamond in 1993. They reportedly had sexual intercourse on the adult movie set. It has also been alleged that this incident proved to be the last straw for Locklear as she decided it was the time to pull the curtains in their married life.
  18. Bobbie Brown (1994 and 2000) – Shortly after the end of his marriage with Heather, Tommy started going out with model Bobbie Brown. They started dating by the start of 1994. After 6 months, they decided to take their relationship to another level by getting engaged. By the end of the year, their relationship came to an end as he abruptly decided to go to Mexico. By the time he returned, he had got married to Pamela Anderson. Neither was she informed about their breakup nor did she know about his marriage. She learned it through the press. They gave their relationship another chance in January 2000. She had even moved in with him. However, it wasn’t meant to be.
  19. Pamela Anderson (1995-1998) – Tommy got married to model Pamela Anderson in 1995. They had met just 4 days before their wedding. In the move that would typify their marriage, they got married on the beach and she was wearing thong bikini during the ceremony. Shortly after their marriage, a private tape that they had made during their vacation was leaked. After initially filing a lawsuit against video distribution company, Internet Entertainment Group, he agreed a settlement with them, through which they made the tape available once again. In June 1996, she gave birth to their first son, Brandon. They welcomed their second son Dylan in December 1997. They got divorced the following year. Towards the end, their marriage was marred by domestic violence. Following their divorce, they maintained an on and off relationship for some years.
  20. Jenna Jameson (1998) – Towards the end of 1998, Tommy hooked up with p*rn star Jenna Jameson. She confirmed their relationship in her highly publicized autobiography.
  21. Carmen Electra (1999, 2017) – Towards the end of the 90s, Lee was rumored to have hooked up with actress and model Carmen Electra. Their affair didn’t last long but they remained good friends. They seemed to have reignited their romance in April 2017 after they were spotted together at the Coachella Music Festival.
  22. Mayte Garcia (2001-2003) – Tommy started going out with Mayte Garcia, who is well known for being Prince’s dancer and former wife, in 2001. It has been claimed that the lips tattoo that he had got inked on the left side of his neck was inspired by the lips print she had left in the same place on his neck.
  23. Blu Cantrell (2003) – Immediately after the end of his relationship with Garcia, he was seen getting close and cozy with singer Blu Cantrell. They were spotted out on a date at the Four Seasons Hotel in New York City. It was later revealed that they had met through their publicists.
  24. Pink (2003) – Lee was reported to be getting close to the rock singer Pink in November 2003. Their relationship rumors that were sparked by their appearance together at the Jive Jones’ party at Avalon in New York, came during a break in her relationship with Carey Hart, who she married in January 2006.
  25. Naomi Campbell (2004) – Lee met supermodel Naomi Campbell through  P. Diddy. They were later spotted making out and getting passionate at the party held at Miami Beach. Lee also confirmed that they had been an item for a short while.
  26. Jesse Jane (2004) – Tommy was reported to be going out with adult movie star Jesse Jane. They were pictured leaving the popular Joseph’s nightclub in Hollywood in July 2004.
  27. Sophia Rossi – In her interview with Howard Stern, Sophia Rossi revealed that she had slept with Lee in the past, proving that he has a soft spot for the adult movie actresses.
  28. Tara Reid (2005) – Tommy first got together with actress Tara Reid in Las Vegas in 2005. Then, they started going out after returning to Los Angeles. They were in it for some fun as he later confessed to a friend, so their relationship fizzled out after a brief period of time.
  29. Stefani Morgan (2006) – Tommy was reported to be dating another adult movie actress Stefani Morgan in the first half of 2006. They had first met in January 2006 at the Adult Video News Award after-party held at the Las Vegas location, Venetian Resort Hotel Casino.
  30. Erin Naas (2006) – According to reports, Lee dated actress Erin Naas in 2006. It has been claimed that she had feelings for the Motley Crue drummer even after their breakup as she got into a catfight with Kimberly Stewart, whom Lee was dating, in September 2008 at the nightclub in Los Angeles. Lee had to intervene to prevent their physical confrontation from escalating.
  31. Kimberly Stewart (2007-2008) – Tommy and socialite Kimberly Stewart’s relationship came to light in the summer of 2007. It was reported that they had first met in London several months earlier. They were later spotted getting too affectionate for a public place at the opening party of Pink Taco in Los Angeles. They were later pictured kissing while leaving the party.
  32. Daisy de la Hoya (2008) – In August 2008, Tommy Lee was reported to be going out with model and actress Daisy de la Hoya.
  33. Shauna Sand (2008) – In 2008, Tommy went out on a date with actress and Playboy model Shauna Sand. However, they didn’t make it to the second date.
  34. Victoria Silvstedt (2009) – Tommy was reported to have hooked up with the Swedish model and actress Victoria Silvstedt in January 2009. They were spotted having a hell of a time in Las Vegas in the early hours of the morning.
  35. Sofia Tufa (2009-2016) – Tommy started dating recording artist Sofia Toufa in 2009. They eventually got engaged in February 2014. However, about two years later, they decided to go separate ways due to unspecified reasons.
  36. Brittany Furlan (2017-Present) – Tommy Lee was reported to have hooked up with Vine star Brittany Furlan in June 2017 after they were pictured by paparazzi kissing on the street after a date at the Banzai Sushi in Calabasas. Their age difference of 30 years was widely discussed by the leading tabloids.
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Tommy Lee has been married three times, but his most famous wife is undoubtedly Pamela Anderson, with whom he has two sons. His previous wives are Elaine Starchuk and actress Heather Locklear.

Tommy Lee height

Tommy Lee’s height is 6 ft 2½ in or 189 cm.

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